Choosing the Right Demolition Services Contractor for Your Infrastructure Project

Professionalism and precision are equally important in demolition as much as in construction. The complexities of demolition require expertise and a profound understanding of safety protocols to guarantee a seamless deconstruction.  Hence, when undertaking an infrastructure project that includes demolition, selecting the right contractor is important to ensure the project’s success and efficiency. In this blog, we have detailed points of consideration on how to choose a demolition service contractor tailored specifically for your infrastructure project needs.

Assessing Contractor Credentials and Expertise

The qualifications and experience of the demolition contractor are crucial. Ensure you are choosing demolition services from a contractor that possesses the necessary licenses and insurance. General contractor licenses may not suffice for demolition work. Also, ensure they possess adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This coverage is important as it protects you from being financially liable if injuries occur during the demolition of your property.

It is also vital that the contractor has experience with residential or commercial demolition projects similar to yours. If there are specific complexities associated with your project, make sure to discuss these with the contractor to ensure they are equipped to manage these challenges. Visit their website to review past projects and contact them directly to confirm their experience with relevant projects. Also, exploring online reviews on various sites can provide insights into their capability and reliability. 

Understanding Safety Requirements and Standards

Demolition projects must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards as well as state laws and regulations. The contractor should demonstrate a thorough understanding of these regulations and have a documented safety plan specific to your project. Inquire about the contractor’s safety record and incident history. Ask about their protocols for traffic control, dust suppression, and mitigating hazards like falling debris.

Evaluating a Demolition Contractor’s Subcontracting Policy

Many commercial demolition contractors do not handle all aspects of the job themselves. It’s quite common for these companies to act as intermediaries, subcontracting the actual demolition work to other entities while taking a fee. Before you commit to using their services, verify whether the demolition contractor you’re considering uses subcontractors. You’ll want to avoid the potential for subpar demolition work due to subcontractors who may be understaffed, poorly equipped, inadequately insured, or simply unable to deliver quality work.

Equipment Specifications and Usage

The quality of the equipment used in the demolition project is critical. If the demolition contractor you are considering utilizes outdated or low-quality equipment, they may face difficulties completing your project efficiently, effectively, and on time. If they lease their equipment, you may experience long, unplanned delays associated with equipment availability.  Even with adequate manpower, the performance of the workers is largely dependent on the functionality of their equipment. Everything from operating height, lift capacity, and other features of the equipment plays a significant role in the success of the project.

Reviewing Contractor Records of Any Violations, Citations, Or Warnings

Part of your due diligence involves checking if the contractor has any previous transgressions. Request a copy of the contractor’s safety record from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Research online and check with your local building department to see if there are any recorded warnings, citations, violations, or other negative marks against them. If you discover any such issues, it is wise to reconsider hiring them. Instead, opt for a demolition contractor who has a clean history, free from the issues mentioned.

Comprehensiveness of the Estimation Process

The estimation process, which assesses the scope and cost of the work, needs to be as detailed as possible. The contractor’s cost estimate should be detailed, itemizing labor costs, equipment usage fees, permits, tipping fees, and any unforeseen cost contingencies. If this process is rushed or misses important aspects of the project, it may lead to revisions, rendering the initial cost estimate inaccurate. The last thing you want is for the expected price to increase during the project. 

Post-Demolition Cleanup Procedures

Post-demolition, you would not want to be stuck with a large cleanup task. You shouldn’t have to spend your time and energy clearing the demolition site. Confirm with the demolition contractor that they will conduct a thorough cleanup once the demolition is finished.

Choosing demolition services contractors who are adept in their work is essential for the smooth and efficient execution of your infrastructure project. Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc. has been a trusted partner for demolition projects for decades. Our commercial demolition contractors are ready to assist with your demolition requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services. You can reach out to us by calling (209) 202-9788 or complete the online contact form to request a free quote for your project.