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Welcome to Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc. – Modesto’s Best & Most Experienced Demolition Company! If it needs to be torn down, demolished, and completely removed, we’re the demolition company for you. Well over two decades ago, Brian Flores started the company and we’ve now completed hundreds of demolition projects for customers in and around Modesto. Brian provides strategic planning and oversight for each project.

We Outperform Other Demolition Companies

You might even say, “We demolish the competition”. From initial planning and site prep to all phases of demolition, clean up and haul away, we are meticulous about delivering quality and meeting/exceeding your expectations. We’ve developed best practices from hundreds of projects performed over 2+ decades and we’ve torn down just about every kind of structure there is. Our crews are highly skilled and we are very careful regarding all aspects of safety and care for surrounding structures and environment. It is our experience and skill in demolition and mastery of heavy equipment that distinguishes us as the local industry leader.

Top Demolition Contractor in Modesto

We take on residential and commercial demolition projects of all sizes. Our mission is to complete each one, regardless of unique challenges, to the highest standards, both on schedule and within budget. We consistently achieve this mission. We own and operate all our equipment, which is not so common amongst our competitors. So we’re the demolition contractor that is better equipped and more experienced – distinct advantages in terms of control, availability, and overall quality. We’re also very cost competitive, especially when you consider added costs associated with companies that fail to deliver on time and within budget.

Pool Demolition & Home Demolition

We provide residential demolition services, with home demolition and pool demolition being the most common. We do it all – from planning, permitting and site prep to demolition, clean up, and haul away. We also strive to minimize disruptions to homeowners and neighbors.  For pool demolition, we normally remove all materials, fill in and level. If you need excavation work for a pool, we can do that too and we perform all types of concrete work. If you are in need of any residential demolition services, give us a call.

A Demolition Company…and More

At Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc., we’re also highly experienced in excavation, land clearing, road work, grading, and concrete work. We’re more or less a “one stop shop” for all of these services, making it easier on our clients to avoid having to hire multiple contractors and the headaches that can come from coordination, scheduling, etc. Not all demolition companies are equal. If you value experience, reputation, and diverse capabilities, we’re happy to meet to discuss your project and how we can help.

Our Demolition Services

Building & Residential Demolition

Residential demolition requires extra security and carefulness as properties are located close to each other. Having hands-on experience in such demolishing projects, we know how to adhere to Modesto’s local guidelines and perform secure practices while ensuring no impact on other residents in the vicinity. We are licensed and insured, giving you relief that all the potential on-site damages would be covered without taking you into account.

Commercial Demolition

Industrial-level or commercial demolitions are highly complex, given the usage of hazardous materials, structural complexities, high environmental impact and other considerable factors.

However, these complications are knocked down smoothly when you count on Flores Excavation And Demolition, Inc. as your demolition company near you. Our complex project management expertise, state-of-the-art tools, commercial-grade safety standards, and regulatory knowledge are all you need to turn your outdated or unwanted building into a blank canvas.

Agriculture Demolition

Wanna know what makes us the perfect choice among your long search list of “demolition companies near me” results?

Our attention to detailing before starting or during the knocking down process ensures precision in our approach. This includes inspecting asbestos in old barns, checking the presence of underground storage tanks, choosing effective pesticide residue techniques, and wildlife considerations.

With all these considerations, we ensure your agriculture demolition is not only legally compliant but also environmentally ethical.

Pool Demolition

Pool demolition is tricky, but our specialization smoothens the task effortlessly. Our demolition experts consider the pool’s connectivity with other structures, utility disconnection like capping the connection, the after-demolishing debris, and other factors.

We customize our services according to different clients’ requirements, for instance, full or half-pool demolition. Our team will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand all of your needs and desires.

Concrete Demolition

This includes removing unwanted concrete structures. Our qualified team begins the process by assessing the condition and potential hazards of the structure before demolition. This includes identifying unstable components, hidden utilities, and potential collapse zones.

We use a highly professional project management approach that covers everything from before the demolition factors to debris management techniques.

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Safety, Efficiency, and Expertise – Choose Flores Excavation And Demolition, Inc. for diverse demolition projects. You can reach out to us by calling (209) 202-9788, sending an email to, or simply filling out a Request Info form. Our team will discuss your needs and will start with your project soon!

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five star

I don’t even know where to start with Flores Demolition! All around a great experience. Was Very easy to schedule/plan with. Was on time from the time he said he would be there for the estimate (which was a Sunday) , to the time he said he would start the process. Him and his team worked professionally and profusely. They exceeded my expectations. Couldn’t recommend Flores Demolition to enough people!

-Ricky and Haylee Sullivan
(Mar 2023)

Brian and his team were super fun to work with. The communication was not only fast and helpful, his personality was also just as great and made us feel like we were long time friends..haha. This was our first time requesting a demo. We live in California and needed a demo done in San Antonio, Texas. Brian helped guide us through all the steps necessary and provided updates to help us with the process. Upon request, they also removed the driveway, so we can start from scratch when rebuilding on the land. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
– Melissa Makovec 
(Jun 2022)

We had just bought land outside of Sequin and had a demo scheduled. I flew out to over see it along with other items when they other demo guy say he couldn’t do it on day it was going to start. We then reached out to other companies and Brian and another company came out to the property and bid on the project. Not only was his price honest and fair he went the extra mile and I would recommend him for any demo, or any other type of work, as I see value in value working with Brian and his Team.

– John Rosser
(April 2023)