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Welcome to Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc. – The premier Demolition Company in Stockton, California! We excel at tearing down and demolishing fixed structures of any type and size. Brian Flores founded the company more than two decades ago and has completed hundreds of demolition projects for customers in and around Stockton. He personally oversees and provides strategic planning and oversight for each project.

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You found the best and most experienced!  We have expertise from hundreds of projects in and around Stockton. In business for over 23 years, we’ve torn down just about every kind of structure there is.  We do so safely, with exceptional skill & care for surrounding structures and environment, and we are exceedingly thorough in cleanup.  Our vast experience in demolition and mastery of heavy equipment sets us apart as the local industry leader.

Top Demolition Contractor in Stockton

We’re highly committed to quality, control, and delivering the best service and outcome aligned with your needs and requirements. Because we own and operate all our equipment, we have a competitive advantage in terms of control, availability, and overall quality. We take on demolition projects of all sizes, ensuring that every aspect is completed to the highest standards, on time, and within budget. When you search for a demolition contractor, go with a well-established company with the capabilities, skills, & equipment to do it right.

Pool Demolition & Home Demolition

We frequently perform residential demolition services, with home demolition and pool demolition being the most common.  We develop the demolition plans, handle the permitting, perform demolition, haul away and clean up.  Regarding pools, we can perform pool demolition, remove materials, fill in and level.  We can also perform excavation for a new pool. We also perform all types of concrete work. If you are interested in any of our residential services, give us a call.

More than a Demolition Company

At Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc., we also have a wealth of experience and expertise in demolition, land clearing, grading, road work, and all aspects of concrete work.  Our clients greatly value having their multi-faceted projects all performed by a single company.  This makes their life much easier, avoiding contractor scheduling headaches and disputes. There are many area demolition companies, but if you seek a highly experienced company with an outstanding reputation and diverse capabilities beyond demolition, we’re happy to discuss your project and how we can help.

Our Demolition Services

Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc. offers demolition services in Stockton, California, in various fields. Here’s a detailed overview of our services:-

Building & Residential Demolition

For homeowners and builders seeking to clear land or renovate existing structures, our tailored services meet your specific demolition needs. Whether it’s a single-family home, apartment complex, or any residential property, we have the experience and equipment to handle projects of all sizes. Our team carefully plans demolition, prioritizing safety and minimizing disruption to surrounding areas. From initial assessment to site clearance, we deliver results beyond your expectations.

Commercial Demolition

If you are a business owner or property manager looking for a reliable “demolition company near me,” you can undoubtedly rely on us. Our skilled professionals can easily handle complex demolitions from an office building and retail space to an industrial facility. We know how critical it is to keep tight schedules and budgets so your company has little disruption. We use cutting-edge technology and time-tested methods. 

Agriculture Demolition

Agricultural demolition projects demand a nuanced approach tailored to the unique requirements of rural landscapes and farming operations. Our deep understanding of all these necessities makes us the best option when you search for a “demolition contractor near me.” Having special tools and heavy machinery in-house, our team efficiently demolishes barns, silos, greenhouses, and other agricultural buildings, minimizing the impact on surrounding land and preserving valuable materials. 

Pool Demolition

Careful preparation and execution are necessary to safely remove swimming pools without damaging the surrounding structures, and so is the requirement for you to look for a credible “pool demolition near me.” We employ safe and responsible techniques for pool demolition, adhering to all local regulations and safety protocols. Our team carefully removes the pool structure, liner, and surrounding decking. Besides this, we remove debris from the demolished structure, fill the space, and level it. 

Concrete Demolition

The durability and intrinsic strength of concrete buildings make demolition tasks more difficult. Our concrete demolition services are designed to tackle these issues head-on. We use cutting-edge technology like hydraulic breakers, concrete saws, and crushers to provide controlled and exact demolition results. No matter the scale or complexity of the job, our staff has the knowledge and tools to remove concrete slabs, walls, or foundations thoroughly and accurately. 

Why Choose Our Demolition Contractor Services in Stockton, CA

Years of Experience in the Industry

We have been in the business for over two decades and have set the benchmark for excellence in demolition services. Our team of skilled technicians employs thorough details while handling tasks and delivering outstanding results. 

Advanced In-House Equipment

With complete ownership and operation of all equipment, we have a distinct advantage regarding control, accessibility, and quality. Our ability to adapt to projects of varying sizes directly results from this.

Competitive Rates and Exceptional Service

Our company ensures that all demolition projects are completed within the timeframe and budget we discussed earlier. Not only do we offer demolition services but also excavation, land clearing, and concrete services to assist you with different kinds of needs in Modesto and Oakdale, along with the Stockton area. 

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Your peace of mind is our priority. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your project. 

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Are you surfing for “demolition companies near me?” Don’t go anywhere else when Flores Excavation and Demolition, Inc. in Stockton, CA, can serve you best. Call us at(209) 202-9788during business hours and get a free estimate related to your project!

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five star

I don’t even know where to start with Flores Demolition! All around a great experience. Was Very easy to schedule/plan with. Was on time from the time he said he would be there for the estimate (which was a Sunday) , to the time he said he would start the process. Him and his team worked professionally and profusely. They exceeded my expectations. Couldn’t recommend Flores Demolition to enough people!

-Ricky and Haylee Sullivan
(Mar 2023)

Brian and his team were super fun to work with. The communication was not only fast and helpful, his personality was also just as great and made us feel like we were long time friends..haha. This was our first time requesting a demo. We live in California and needed a demo done in San Antonio, Texas. Brian helped guide us through all the steps necessary and provided updates to help us with the process. Upon request, they also removed the driveway, so we can start from scratch when rebuilding on the land. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
– Melissa Makovec 
(Jun 2022)

We had just bought land outside of Sequin and had a demo scheduled. I flew out to over see it along with other items when they other demo guy say he couldn’t do it on day it was going to start. We then reached out to other companies and Brian and another company came out to the property and bid on the project. Not only was his price honest and fair he went the extra mile and I would recommend him for any demo, or any other type of work, as I see value in value working with Brian and his Team.

– John Rosser
(April 2023)